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CRUDE is rough and yet finely wrought. Unique, but not elitist. Luxurious, but not pretentious. Perfectly worked, but never finished. And tough enough to keep cool when things get a little rough: When our mission started, some people thought we were crazy. Others called us naive or even ignorant: "It will never work this way, no one does that." "Yes it will," we said. "We’re the ones to do it that way." And that’s what we did. We remained true to our vision of creating a precision watch out of one silver cast. Against all odds – against the mainstream.


Of course that was not easy, otherwise someone else would have done it long ago, right? It cost us countless phone calls, many sleepless nights, tons of samples and tests with different components. It took several years of development and persuasion to get the product ready and to find the partners that perfectly match CRUDE and our mission. Our casting house, the case maker, the manufacturers of the movement, of the hands and of the glass – they all are not just specialists in their field. They are also fully committed to our mission.  


The result proves us right: With CRUDE we have realized our dream. We created a massive piece of precision unlike anything that has existed before. A watch that is unique at the moment it is cast. But also something that lives on after production, with its own character and notches – an individualist just like you.




We are not following the mainstream and we are not interested into the luxury mass market. Our studio is secluded amidst a former quarry near Pforzheim, known as Germany's traditional gold city. We deliberately produce in small batches, because in our eyes individuality and mass marketing do not match. We prefer to work very closely with our individual customers on their respective CRUDE. The same goes for our suppliers. We know each of them personally, they are all passionate medium-sized companies from Germany and Switzerland. Only one of them works in Ibiza: Aladin makes the leather straps exclusively for CRUDE – using his own hands.


Every single CRUDE is full of honest love for detail. After casting it in silver, we work on it precisely. Then we refine it by hand, finish and patinate it, and finally implant a Swiss heart. We feel both proud and sad when we hand over a CRUDE to its new owner. At the same time, we are pleased that this watch will evolve. Silver is a cool material: it lives through you and your experiences, it develops patina and character. This makes the watch much more than a luxurious timepiece. Whenever you wear it, CRUDE will remind you of the wild greatness of individuality. For us, this means:



mission & vision
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