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A CRUDE will become your CRUDE. As soon as you own it and wear it regularly, the watch will reflect you and your character more and more. Your lifestyle, your travels, your adventures will shape its patina. Due to the nature of the unique and living raw material silver, CRUDE’s outer shell will transform and live with you: every notch, every tiny change stores a memory. This has less to do with smooth, posh and polished mainstream luxury and more to do with freedom, independence and life. In a nutshell: it’s all about true luxury.

That’s the big difference between CRUDE and other watches. But it’s not the only one. You won't find a case and dial made in a single silver cast anywhere else. And as soon as you fall directly into the watch through the perfectly anti-reflective sapphire crystal, you'll find nine impressive, brilliant-cut brown diamonds. It's this interplay of roughness, fire and precision, of raw originality and superior luxury that makes CRUDE CRUDE. It’s a watch that clearly stands out from the mainstream – probably just like you do. 


Of course, the inner values are just as important. After all, don’t they define who we really are? CRUDE's rough silver shell contains complex precision mechanics, high-precision technology and a heart made in Switzerland. You want to know a lot more? Just scroll down a bit.




Technische Details

No compromises: All of the watch's components come from Germany and Switzerland. 


Just Raw. The dial of this Crude is given a smooth finish. The outside of the case is blasted only to clean it. The case comes from the casting just like this. The patina changes very quickly. When worn, the case brightens, but then darkens again. Over time, the watch will develop an awesome, unique patina. And this CRUDE will become your wild unicum.


Indices with brown brilliant-cut diamonds, 2 mm each. 9 stones in VVS quality.


65 hours power reserve. 30 jewels stored in 5 layers. Display: hour, minute, second, date. Finish: Cut Geneva stripes. Coating: Black Rhodium. Swiss made Automatic Movement 3954A by Eterna Movement.


Cast 925 sterling silver case. Signature CRUDE specialty: one casting with dial. Diameter: approx. 44 mm without crown. Each casting may vary slightly. Individual serial number on the left side of the case. Model shown: No finish just raw.


2.2 mm sapphire crystal made in Switzerland. Double-sided anti-reflective coating by Econorm.


Cast back in 925 sterling silver with 1.8 mm sapphire crystal sight glass, also made in Switzerland. Anti-reflective inside. Screwed with CRUDE special screws.


Leather strap tailor-made for CRUDE. Kangaroo/Calf-mix. 100% handmade. Color: Brown.​


Double-sealed hybrid crown. Stainless steel inside, 925 sterling silver outside. No screwing necessary: 10 ATM (100 meters water resistant) even when the crown is pulled out.


Tang buckle made of 925 sterling silver.



It’s not made by CRUDE, but it feels like made for CRUDE: The Double Planet Axis watch winder goes perfectly with your CRUDE and keeps it running whenever you can't – with nine different programs. Swiss high-tech in pure black by Bernard Fare.

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